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At Terrabella Realty, we're providing real estate professionals with a place where
they're empowered with the freedom to control their own careers and guide their
own businesses. We recognize Realtor associates as independent partners work-
ing with us in the industry, and with that mindset we offer an innovative and
intelligent alternative to the typical "revolving-door" real estate franchises.

Finding a Place with Terrabella

Terrabella Realty's multi-national staff of real estate professionals enables us to provide services on a global platform.  Individually, this diversity allows all of our associates to expand their sphere of influence far move effectively than they could do independently.  As a result, associates have been able to work with clients, make connections, and conduct sales that would have otherwise been inaccessible.

As Terrabella's associate numbers have increased over time, so have the administrative and managerial staffs that support them.   With the addition of a full-time office manager, an administrative manager, and a closing coordinator, the associates of Terrabella have been able to free themselves up from much of the stress of time-consuming tasks and complicated paperwork.

This year, in a continuing effort to aid our associates in their business, the Terrabella office has undergone a total renovation- both physically and technologically.  The office computer network has been revamped and upgraded with the latest in cutting-edge real estate management software.  As a result, our associates now have the advantage of operating out of a strategically-designed sales center that's structured around their business.


Flexibility & Choice
At Terrabella Realty we believe our associates should have the freedom and flexibility to guide their own business.  To that end, we offer a wide range of compensation plans that allow our associates the choice they need to be successful.  Terrabella associates themselves control the balance between the volume of support they receive and their commission split.   

In this way, a more established associate that likes their freedom and needs less company support doesn't have to curtail their business by taking a lower commission split.  Meanwhile, associates that prefer a greater level of company support can choose to take a lower split even if they're a Top Producer.

International Influence
In order to create a global platform for our associates, Terrabella Realty forms partnerships with foreign real estate firms from around the world.  These affiliations allow the associates of Terrabella to drastically increase the size and scope of their potential client and contact pools.  

On the buyer-side of the industry, these affiliations give Terrabella associates an "easy-in" to connect with foreign buyers immigrating to the U.S., as well as foreign investors who are interested in owning property in this lucrative area.   On the seller-side, these affiliations give associates greater access to foreign markets when they have a listing that they'd like advertised overseas.

Infrastructure & Technology
When you're working in an industry like real estate, it's absolutely essential that you have a system that supports your business.  Good technology and a strong organizational structure in the office are vital elements in making associates successful in their endeavors.  

At Terrabella Realty, our support staff is constantly researching new technology to keep abreast with the latest innovations.  Any new program or system that comes out on the market is carefully reviewed to assess whether it can make business faster and more efficient for our associates.  The Terrabella Intranet is carefully monitored and maintained to avoid problems that might slow down our associates, and user assistance is always available.

Accountability Systems

There's no doubt about it- real estate is an industry filled with paperwork and potential pitfalls into litigation.  This has become especially true in recent years as Federal and state disclosure law has been reviewed and heavily amended.   Now more than ever, associates must have all there i's dotted and their t's crossed on every document, in every transaction.

Part of the Terrabella company infrastructure provides an accountability system that works to ensure that everything is in order on all of our associates' transactions.  These systems take the pressure off the associate by providing a simple structure for them to follow from the start of a transaction all the way to its closing.  Members of the Terrabella support staff then monitor the process to ensure that all of the necessary documents and disclosures are present and accounted for by the end of the transaction.  

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